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3D Sensory Art Canvas - The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

3D Sensory Art Canvas - The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

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All tools and materials to create your masterpiece as well as an instruction guide and a QR code for a video with step-by-step instructions.

Product details:

Size 40cm x 30cm

Age 12+

Creativity time 4 hours approx

Difficulty level 5/5

Drying time 6 - 24 hours depending on room humidity

Clean and mess-free

Product Description:

Engage in a calming and stress-relieving activity as you immerse yourself in the process of creating your own version of The Kiss. Feel the soothing texture of the clay as you sculpt, allowing yourself to unwind and find inner peace through artistic expression.

An Art Therapy Experience at Your Fingertips

This DIY sensory art painting kit is more than just a creative outlet. It doubles as an art therapy tool, providing a therapeutic experience that can help relieve anxiety and promote emotional well-being. Let the act of shaping clay become a form of self-expression and healing.

Mess-Free Creativity

We understand that cleanliness is important to you. That's why our air dry clay is designed to be clean and mess-free. Enjoy the creative process without worrying about any residue or sticky aftermath. Simply let your masterpiece air dry naturally, no need for ovens or kilns.

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